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How to create and use Units of Measurements
How to create and use Units of Measurements

Learn about how to create and use Units of Measurements

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Autodesk Fusion Operations allows you to create ‘Units of Measurement (UoMs)’ and associate those with your products, in order for you to be able to keep track of consumptions accurately.

Create Units of Measurement

1. On the left menu, click ‘Units of Measurement’ under the ‘Products’ tab

2. Click on ‘+Add Unit of Measurement’

3. Fill the UoM ‘Code’ and ‘Name’

4. Click ‘Save Unit of Measurement’, ‘Save and Continue Editing’ or ‘Save and Add Another’.

Assign a ‘Unit of Measurement’ to a Specific Product

1. Open the Product to which you want to assign a specific ‘Unit of Measurement’

2. Scroll until the bottom of the product page and click on the tab ‘Units of Measurement’

3. Select the Standard UoM you want to assign by clicking in the dropdown menu

4. Click on ‘Save Product’

Other UoM related fields:

  • Do you receive your products in a different unit of measurement than your daily use in inventory, production and consumption? Autodesk Fusion Operations allows you to set a specific UoM for receiving, and another for production. Learn more about how to parametrize these differences between ‘UOM - Purchase Orders’ and ‘Standard UoM’, as well as the ‘UOM Conversions Group’, in our article about UoM Conversions.

  • ‘Unit WT’ is a numerical field that stands for the weight of each unit of the product, whereas ‘UOM - Weight’ defines that unit weight measurement (whether it is kilograms, grams, tons, pounds, ounces, etc).

  • For example, let’s consider a company that purchases boxes of empty glass bottles, and each bottle’s weight is 90 grams: we can define the glass bottle ‘Standard UOM’ as ‘Units’, ‘UOM Conversions group’ where it is mentioned that each box contains 6 units of bottles, ‘UOM - Purchase Orders’ as boxes, ‘Unit WT’ as 90 and ‘UOM - Weights’ as grams.

When will the Units of Measurement be used?

After assigning a ‘Unit of Measurement’ to a product, it will be visible in the ‘Inventory’ screen.

In ‘Inventory Movements’, you will also be able to see in each UoMs you moved your products - when creating those movements as well.

When adding or consulting a Bill of Materials to a product, you will have the UoM visible.

The same happens when creating a Purchase Order - after selecting a product, the ‘Purchase UoM’ will be shown here by default.

Fusion Operations will also show each product’s UoM in some of the mobile device buttons, like Receiving, Insert Production, Material Staging, Inventory Move, Inventory Pick/Drop, and others.

‘Unit WT’ and ‘UOM - Weight’ will be shown when printing the ‘Bill of Lading’.

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