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How to Register Inventory Movements?
How to Register Inventory Movements?

This article will teach you how to use Autodesk Fusion Operations to stock in/out products from Inventory

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Autodesk Fusion Operations allows you to do complete inventory management, and it all starts with inventorying in/out your products. You can do it using the management interface or, on your mobile interface.

Create an Inventory Movement in the management interface (back-office)

1. On the left menu, go to ‘Inventory Movements’ under Inventory.

2. Click on ‘+Add Inventory Movement’.

3. Fill all the Required Fields. On the ‘Movement Type box, select if you're doing a Consumption, Production, Receiving (In) or Shipping (Out) movement.

If you're already using warehouse management on Autodesk Fusion Operations you should also select the warehouse location.

4. Press the ‘Save Inventory Movement’ button to finish.

Create an Inventory Movement in the mobile interface

To create inventory movements from a mobile device you can use the ‘Inventory In & Out’ button. Check the detailed article explaining how to do this here.

Bulk create Inventory Movements

It's possible to import several inventory movements simultaneously by using the Excel importing feature. Check this article for further details.

Add/Edit a Cost of an inventory movement

In order to edit a cost of an inventory movement you should follow the steps below:

1. Go to the inventory movement you want to edit and press in "edit".

2. Inside the inventory movement, press the tab "Advanced Fields".

3. In the dropdown of the advanced fields, in the field "Cost" identify the value of the inventory movement preformed.

4. Save the inventory movement.

Note: if the movement type is 'Shipping' the Total cost can't be editable in this view, since Fusion Operations will consider the average cost of the product/lot in the moment of shipping.

Need help? Request a Fusion Operations expert to contact you here.

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