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How to do an Internal Inventory Movement
How to do an Internal Inventory Movement

Learn how to move goods between warehouse locations

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Before you start this tutorial, you'll need to create warehouse locations and master Inventory receiving and shipping. Check these two articles to learn how:

Autodesk Fusion Operations allows you to do an ‘Internal Inventory Movement’ using the back-office view or the "tablet" mode.

Create an Internal Inventory Movement (back-office)

1. On the left menu, click on ‘Inventory’ >> ‘Inventory Movements’

2. Click on ‘Add Inventory Movement’ and then ‘Internal Inventory Movement’.

3. Fill all the required fields on the left, with the information about the stock you will be moving and the Picking location.

4. Click on ‘+Add’ at the ‘Dropped at’ panel.

5. Fill the information about the Dropping Location.

6. Click ‘Save Inventory Movement’, ‘Save and Continue Editing’ or ‘Save and Add Another’.

Create an Internal Inventory Movement (tablet view)

When you want to do ‘Internal Inventory Movements’ with your mobile device, there are two options:

1. Use ‘Inventory Move’ to move them instantly;

2. Use ‘Inventory Pick/Drop’ to register when the operator picks the item from its current location and drops it in the new location.

When should you use ‘Inventory Move’ or ‘Inventory Pick/Drop’?

The main difference between ‘Inventory Move’ and ‘Inventory Pick/Drop’ is that, while in ‘Inventory Move’ you can only choose one pick and one drop location, in ‘Inventory Pick/Drop’ you can choose more than one pick and drop locations.

Also, in ‘Inventory Move’, the movement of the products is instantly, while in ‘Inventory Pick/Drop’ you can pick the products in one moment and drop them later.

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