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Learn how to move, pick and ship goods with your mobile device.

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‘Find Product’ allows you to search for a specific product in your mobile device, see its stock and in each warehouse location and lot you can locate it. Select one product, and then decide if you want to move, pick or ship it.

Follow the steps to learn how to use ‘Find Product’ and all its capabilities.

1. Setup your mobile device to configure the ‘Find Product’ button and make it available.

2. Select ‘Find Product’ on the main menu of Autodesk Fusion Operations, in your device.

3. Select the Product you want to check - you can also search for it in the search box. We’ll choose Sugar for now.

4. In the following screen, you can see both the warehouse and warehouse locations where you have this product, as well as its Lot/batch number. You can also narrow the search with the Warehouse and Lot/Batch Number filters available on top, by clicking in ‘Change’. Choose the warehouse, warehouse location and lot/batch number combination you want to check. Let’s see warehouse ‘WH T1’, warehouse location ‘016’ and lot ‘4780’.

5. You have specified the product you want to look into. Now you have 3 actions that can be applied to the product:

  • ‘Move Item’: this button behaves like the ‘Inventory Move’(link) button - it will take you to a screen where you can choose which drop location you want for the chosen product.

  • ‘Pick Item’: when selecting this button, you are picking the product from its location; it will be set as ‘in transit’, so you will have to drop it later, as explained in the ‘Inventory Pick/Drop’ (link) article.

  • ‘Ship Item’: selecting this button will take you to a screen that is very similar to the one shown in the ‘Shipping and Receiving’ article, where you are able to ship (and receive) the selected products.

You can also select ‘Find Another’, which will take you to the main screen of ‘Find Product’, where you can select another product - although no actions will be saved if you choose this button.

Now that you know how the ‘Find Product’ button works, why don’t you give it a try?

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