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Check how to ship the orders to your customers using the mobile app!

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After producing the goods to your clients, you must ship them out of your factory. Shipping sales orders in Fusion Operations allows you to print packing slips, bill of ladings and allow you to understand if each order is delayed or still in time.

Now it’s time to start registering the shipping for each product on the sales orders. Follow the steps below to learn how to do it.

1. On the mobile app, click on "Shipping"

2. Identify yourself by entering your worker number.

3. Select the sales order that you want to ship. In case the order has more than one shipping, you can select it in the following screen.

4. Select the product that you want to ship.

5. If needed, select the lot/batch number that will be shipped, along with its warehouse and warehouse location.

6. Select the quantity that will be shipped. In this step, the Autodesk Fusion Operations will prevent you from shipping more than what's available in your inventory. Moreover, the suggested quantity will be the minimum between the quantity available in inventory and the quantity missing to fulfil the order.

7. After going over these steps, you can see all the data introduced on the expand button, on the right.

Here you may:

a) submit, which will end the shipping process and return to the initial screen (step 1),

b) confirm and add another, which will allow you to pick another sales order or product (step 3), or

c) submit and print, which will open the list of printable documents, end the shipping process and return to the initial screen (step 1).


1. Is it possible to have a checklist during the shipping process?

Yes, this is possible. If you'd like to set it up, please reach out to the support or to your customer success manager.

When this feature is active, you'll see a new step in the mobile app.

2. Can workers specify to which pallet are the products being added to?

This can also be achieved in Fusion Operations. You can add one or more shipping package type in the management interface (under sales orders). Beware that the shipping package type must have the option "Usable on shipping movements" active.

When one or more shipping package types are available, you can create a pallet in the tablet. In the step below, you will also find pallets that have been previously created.

When the option "Create Pallet" is selected, you can select the Shipping Package Type and introduce the pallet code.

If you have any questions regarding ‘Shipping’, don’t hesitate to contact us through our Live Chat or by reaching out to your account manager.

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