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Units of Measurement Conversion
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In Autodesk Fusion Operations, you can assign a unit of measurement to your products (raw materials or finished goods), so that you can clearly know how many products you have and reduce confusion in your factory.

You can use, for instance:

  • 3,5 kilograms of sand;

  • 5 rolls of paper;

  • 10 bags of PE pellets.

If you want to know more about Units of Measurement in Autodesk Fusion Operations, follow the link: How to create and use Units of Measurements

More interestingly, you can convert those units of measurement. You can state in Autodesk Fusion Operations that 1 case is equivalent to 30 kilograms. More specifically, you can buy your flour in cases, but use it in kilograms.

You can even create multiple conversions, for instance: 1 case has 30 bags and each bag has 1 kg.

Units of Measurement conversion allows you to do just that.

In Autodesk Fusion Operations, we have the concept of "Standard UoM", that means the Unit of Measurement that you use in your day-to-day activities (inventory, production, consumption, etc.).

We also have the concept of "Purchase UoM", that is the Unit of Measure in which you buy the product (example: purchase a big bag of sand, but sand is consumed in kilograms).

How to access it:

You can find UOM Conversion under Products tabs.

How to create a conversion group:


2. Define a code for your conversion group.

3. SAVE AND CONTINUE EDITING, if you want to add UOM Conversion details now.


5. Choose the units that you want to convert, being:
Alternative UOM -> Purchase UOM
Base UOM-> Standard UOM

6. Choose the conversion ratio, and then press SAVE.

How to associate with a product:

1. Go to the bottom of your product's page and select the Units of measurement tab. There you can add UOM Conversion Group and press SAVE PRODUCT.

2. If you open the product's Units of Measurement tab again, it is now possible to add the Purchase Unit (UOM - Purchase Order). You can also increase the weight of a certain unit of conversion, filling the Unit WT field.

It is also possible to add Product Specific UOM Conversions. To do that, press +ADD UNITS OF MEASUREMENT and follow the same process.

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