How to create Purchase Orders

Learn how to create your purchase orders in Autodesk Fusion Operations

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Purchase Orders are documents used to control material purchases from external suppliers, indicating product types, quantities, and agreed prices. In Autodesk Fusion Operations, you can create Purchase orders individually or in bulk.

Learn how to create them one by one with the following steps, or check the article on how to Import more than one, here:

  1. On the left menu, click in ‘Purchase Orders’

  2. Click in ‘+Add Purchase Order’

  3. Fill all the mandatory information (Code, Product and Quantity), and other information you find relevant such as Supplier, Creation Date and Receiving Due Date.

Note: If you have previously defined a receiving Unit of Measurement (UoM) for a product, that’s the UoM you should consider when inserting the quantity. If not, you should consider the standard UoM of the product. Learn more about UoM here, and receiving UoM/UoM conversion here.

A Purchase Order Receiving is a record for when you receive materials for a specific purchase order. Learn how to register Purchase Order Receiving in your mobile device here.

You can also receive a product in the back-office. Check here how to do it.

To associate specific suppliers to your purchase orders, firstly you need to create them, as shown here.

At the end of the ‘Purchase Order edit page’, you can add both internal notes (in ‘Notes’), external notes (in ‘External Notes’), and files (in ‘Files’) to each Purchase Order. Only External Notes will be shown when the Purchase Order is printed.

Now that your Purchase Order is all set, you can print it by double-clicking on it and select ‘Print’ at the end of the page.

In our specific case, this will be printed as the following example:

You can also download a report about fulfilled purchase orders. Learn more about it here.

Note: The user creating the purchase orders does not have the ‘Admin’ or ‘Purchase Order Leader’ role? Then check the article about Purchase Order Approval workflow.

Purchase Order Navigation

Now that you know how to create Purchase Orders, you can navigate this menu to extract the information you need.

Purchase Orders can be Open, Closed or Archived, and if Open they can be active or inactive.
Only Open and Active Purchase Orders will show up in your mobile application to be received.

You can filter them by Open, Close or Archived and/or by using the Table Filters, where you can filter them by code, supplier, receiving, product or approval status.

Additionally, a green power button will appear next to the Purchase Order to indicate it is active

You can also activate, close, archive or delete them using the action buttons for the individual Purchase Order.

To get a quick update on what you have received from a Purchase Order and what you are still missing you can use the ‘More Info’ button, and this will give you an overview of what you ordered and what you have already received.

If you have any questions regarding purchase orders creation, don’t hesitate to contact us through our Live Chat or by reaching out to your account manager.

Need help? Request a Fusion Operations expert to contact you here.

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