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Navigating and understanding on the purchase orders list.

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  • What's a purchase order?

Purchase Orders are documents used to control material purchases from external suppliers, indicating product types, quantities, and agreed prices.

It is also possible to have associate sales orders with a purchase order to fulfil them.

  • Create new

You can easily create a purchase order by tapping on "+Add purchase order" on the top right corner of the screen. Please follow this article for additional details.

  • Import

Importing several purchase orders simultaneously is also possible. To do that, click on the "Import purchase orders" link and access this article.

  • Filters

In case you have a large set of purchase orders, you can easily find a subset by using both the (1) table filters and the (2) search box.

  • Edit/Delete

Editing and deleting information is also possible by clicking on the corresponding purchase order, on the code column.

After opening it, you can edit the information and save, or alternatively delete it.

  • Progress and Actions

This screen contains information about the status(1) of the purchase orders, such as Received, Delayed or In progress, according to the due and requested dates defined in it.
You can also perform actions, such as activate, close, archive and delete. These options are available on the (2) Actions column.

  • Columns configuration

Finally, you can select which columns are displayed on your screen by tapping on the 👁️ in the screen's top left corner.

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