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How does the Purchase Order Approval Workflow work?
How does the Purchase Order Approval Workflow work?
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Autodesk Fusion Operations supports setting an approval workflow for purchase orders. When enabled, this flow requires admins to approve the purchase orders before these can be received on the system.

If the purchase order approval workflow is not active on your account, you can visit the settings page and activate it. You can find them under "Sales, Purchases, Quotes" > "Purchase Orders" > "Require Purchase Orders to be approved before showing on the tablet".

Creating the purchase order

1. If you are a user (which is not an admin) create a purchase order. Note that its “Initial Approval Status” will be set as Draft.

2. These purchase orders will automatically appear on the “Open Purchase Orders” tab.

3. Click on the purchase order code you want to edit to open its information screen. In this status, additional changes can still be performed.

4. When the order is ready to be reviewed, click in "Send to Review". In this status, purchase orders are also editable.

Once you click in “Send to Review”, the Purchase Order will initiate the approval workflow. This means that only admin users, or users with a Purchase Order Leader role, will be able to approve or reject them.

Approving the Purchase Order

1. The Admin or user with Purchase Order Leader role will two buttons: a green one to approve it, and a red one to reject it.

2. When the purchase order is approved, it will be displayed on the tablet and its progress can be followed on the back office interface.

3. Moreover, when logged with a user profile, no changes can be done to a purchase order which has been approved.

Pro-tip: You can define an alert for changes on purchase orders status. Three different types of alerts are available:

  • Purchase Order approved

  • Purchase Order in review

  • Purchase Order rejected

If you'd like to know more about alerts, please visit this article.

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