How to create a Checklist?

Learn how to create checklists in Autodesk Fusion Operations

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You might require checklists for sign-off on quality control in production, perform maintenance on your equipment, or even to perform health and safety inspections, Autodesk Fusion Operations allows you to create these checklists, attach them to the relevant orders and record the results.

There are three types of checklists you can create in Autodesk Fusion Operations :

  • Maintenance : it can be attach to a Maintenance Order (learn how to create them here)

  • Quality: Added to operations - filled before, during or after production.

  • Health & Safety: Checklists that can be filled during health and safety inspections.

1. In the dashboard area, (under Quality, Maintenance or Health & Safety) click on ‘Checklists’

2. Click on ‘+Add Checklist’

3. Fill the required field with the ‘Code’ of the Checklist that you want to create.

4. Select the ‘Parameters’ that you want to assign to the Checklist. (You can learn how to create parameters here.)

5. For checklists to appear when you are in production, you can select when and if the checklist needs to be filled :

  • Show on production: This option should always be ticked to make a checklist appear in production. With only this option ticked, the checklist will appear when the worker finishes production.

  • On production checkin: Together with ‘Show on production’, this prompts the checklist to appear when starting production instead of when is being finished

  • Show on rework: Together with ‘Show on production’ if you want the checklist to be filled when reworking .

  • Skip when quantity is zero: Together with ‘Show on production’ allows the checklist to be skipped when the production quantity input by the operator is zero.

  • Associate to an open Production: This allows you to create a checklist record for a production while it is ongoing, through the Checklist Record button.

We have an article showing these interactions here.

6. Click on ‘Save Checklist’ to save it, on ‘Save and Continue Editing’ if you want to continue editing the Checklist or on ‘Save and Add Another’ if you have finished editing it and you want to Save it and add another one.

How to record Checklists?

There are different ways to run these checklists depending on the type of checklist:

1. You can create a checklist record with a mobile by clicking on the button ‘Checklist Record’ and choosing: checklist type and checklist you want to fill. If you want to know more check this article.

2. A ‘Quality Checklist’ can be attached to operations and a pop up appears when a worker performs this operation.

3. A Maintenance Checklist can be attached to a Maintenance order and will pop up when a worker performs that Maintenance order.

4. You can attach a checklist to a product, to make it appear every time you receive that product.

It is possible to set an alert and receive a message on your email every time a specific parameter in a Checklist doesn’t correspond to a specific range. Read our tutorial on how to set alerts.

As usual, if you have any doubt about these features, talk with us through our Live-Chat feature or directly with your CSM!

Need help? Request a Fusion Operations expert to contact you here.

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