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Learn how checklists appear before or after operations

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After creating a checklist, selecting “Show on Production,” and attaching it to an operation (you can learn how-to here), it will appear when an operator starts or ends that operation.

To make it appear before starting an operation, you can select the option “Show on check in” in the checklist.

Below we’ll show how these options work:

  • “On production check in” and “Show on Production”: This will make the checklist appear before starting production; this works well for checklists that make an operator confirm if everything is correct before beginning production.

Note: “Show on Production” always needs to be activated for the checklist to appear while producing

  • “Show on Rework” This will make the checklist appear in Rework operations; you can also select “Show on Production” with this option to make the checklist appear in production and Reworks, or only select “Show on Rework” so it only shows in Rework operations.

  • “Skip when Quantity is zero” and “Show on Production” and/or “Show on Rework”: Sometimes, the checklist does not need to be filled if the worker did not produce any quantity; it would be an unnecessary task if they had to fill this checklist still even though they did not produce. By activating this option, we avoid this scenario.

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