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Learn how to use the Checklist Record button on the mobile version of Autodesk Fusion Operations

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Checklists can be attached to Maintenance Orders, Operations or even Receivings, but sometimes you might need to fill a checklist when you are not doing any of those things - like during an inspection.

To account for this in Autodesk Fusion Operations you can use the ‘Checklist Record’ button, this will allow you to pick a checklist and create a record for your answers, to do this follow the steps described below:

(If you don’t have this button available in your mobile device and are unsure how to add it, check our article here.)

1. On the Workers menu, click on Checklist Record

2. Choose the Checklist Type

3. Choose the Checklist that you want to record

4. The Checklist will require the correct answers in all the fields.

You can also perform quality control on Open Productions (while the worker is producing). To do this the checklist must have the setting 'Associate to Open Production' activated.
Checklists with this setting active will be displayed with the color yellow in the list

You can then check this record on the back office version by going to the menu it belongs to (Maintenance/Quality/Safety & Health) -> Checklist Records, or by extracting a Checklist Report.

It is possible to set an alert and receive a message on your email every time a specific parameter in a Checklist doesn’t correspond to a particular range. Read our tutorial on how to set alerts.

As usual, if you have any doubt about these features, talk with us through our Live-Chat feature or directly with your CSM!

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