How to add a Bill Of Materials?

Understand how to set consumptions for an accurate inventory control

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How to add a Bill Of Materials in Autodesk Fusion Operations?

Bills of Materials (BoMs) is a feature that allows you to set consumptions in the system. This guarantees that the consumption of raw materials and intermediary products’ are recorded in an automated manner.

If you already understand how BoMs can be set and you'd like to speed up the process, follow this article to learn how to add them in bulk.

How to set consumptions

1. Open the products page and choose the product that is going to be produced.

2. After opening the product, scroll to the bottom until you find the different separators. Open the ‘Materials/SubProducts’ and tap on ‘+Add Component’.

3. A line will be displayed, in which you must enter some information:

  • Product: consumed product during production,

  • Quantity: represents the quantity consumed per unit produced,

  • Unit of Measurement (UoM): this field cannot be changed directly as it is linked to the consumed product,

  • Fixed Quantity: it must be ticked in case the consumption is constant (ie, regardless of the quantity produced, the quantity of consumed product is constant),

  • Operation: operation in which the consumption takes place. In case this field is left blank, the consumption will be considered on the first operation.

  • Parameters: in case the produced product has variable parameters, you can define that raw materials are consumed on a dynamic manner. If you'd like to activate this feature, reach out to your account manager.

4. It is now possible to get something similar to the image below.

Additional options

1. This screen allows you as well to see additional BoM levels, by tapping on "Show All BoM Levels".

If you do such, all BoM levels will be displayed, as you can see below. In this simplified example, "PP SHEET" consumes Sub Products 1 and 2. Sub product 1, in its turn, consumes Product A, and Product B.

2. You can also get an inverse BoM by tapping on "Products that consume [Product Code]"

By tapping on that button, you'll get a list informing you where that product is consumed across all your products. Please beware that this list must be used for raw materials and intermediary goods - if you look into this information for raw materials, no products will be returned.

Consumptions on the tablet

The consumption screen will be prompted on the checkout of the operation linked to the consumption, as you can see on the video below. Quantities may be adjusted and new products added as well. Moreover, according to the modules you have available, it’s also possible to display the lots consumed in this screen.

In case you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support channels or your account manager. Have a great day :)

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