How to setup dynamic BOMs?

Understand how to set consumptions with variable parameters.

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Dynamic Bills of Materials (BoMs) is a feature that allows you to set different consumptions in the system according to the variable parameters selected. Making sure that the theoretical consumptions calculations are made in an automated manner. To activate this feature, reach out to your account manager.

If you never setup a BOM before please check this article to learn the basics first.

Lets start!

Creating the dynamic BoM

1. Define the variable parameters, for this purpose they need to be Single select parameters which means that a dropdown list of the options will be present to you in the when planning your production.

You can find the detailed steps on how to create parameters in this article.

As an example we created the parameter Size with the possible values of S, M, L and XL.

2. Create the product and add the parameter created in the variable parameters under the Advanced Fields. If you don't know how to create a product check this article.

For this example we created the product 'T-shirt'.

3. Add the bill of materials for that product.

As you can see below we added different consumptions of the raw material 'Coton' depending on the parameter and others are independent of it, which means the consumption will be the same even if the size varies.

In the management interface

Create your production order for the product. To learn how to create a production order check this article.

As you can see in the image above, below the product the option 'Parameters' is displayed. When you clic on it you can select the size of the 'T.shirt' being produced.

We've selected first S and then XL with a quantity of 5 for each.

For T-shirt with the size S we will need 2.5kg x 5 = 12.5 of Coton and for the XL 10kg x 5 =50. For the other two raw materials 5LT x 10 = 50 Acrylonitrile and 10g x 10 = 100 of Resin.

When you save the production order that information will appear.

And after you can see it under advanced fields in the 'Materials/SubProducts'.

In the tablet

When inserting production the workers can choose the product based on the parameter.

The moment of insert the consumptions if will appear with the correspondent quantity of the defined parameter in the BoM.

In this example we selected the T-shirt with the size S and produced 1 unit therefore, the quantity consumed of coton is 2.5Kg.

Congratulations! Now you already know how to set consumptions with variable parameters.

If after reading this article you still have some doubts, feel free to reach out to us through our Live-chat feature, or directly to your CSM.

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