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Learn how to change the Bill of Materials for a product in an existing Production Order.

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Note: To activate this setting in your account please contact your Account Manager.

Autodesk Fusion Operations allows you to change the Bill of Materials for a specific Product in any Production Order.

Incase you'd like to learn how to set standard Bills of Materials please refer to this article.

To do this, click edit on that Production Order and press the “Edit” button below “Materials/Subproducts” for the product you want to edit the BoM

Here a menu will appear with the BoM for the edited Product.

Here you have several options to customize it:

1. You can edit everything about the consumptions that are defined for this Product.

2. You can add other products to be consumed to produce this Product in this specific Production Order.

3. You can press “Default” to return the BoM to how it is defined in the Product Page.

Below you can find a video of all these options :

​​If you need any help or clarification regarding 'Production Order Product Variable BoM' in the mobile application, feel free to reach out to us through our Live Chat feature or directly through your CSM!

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