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How to pull products and BoMs from Fusion?
How to pull products and BoMs from Fusion?

See how to get your products from Fusion to Autodesk Fusion Operations

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You’re be able to easily get your products, bills of materials (BoMs) and 3D files from Fusion into Fusion Operations.

Importing products from Fusion

1. Go to the Production Orders page. You’ll see an option “Import from Fusion” on the top of the product dropdown.

2. After clicking on “Import From Fusion”, you can (1) choose from which team you want to import your products, and (2) navigate between different projects.

3. After selecting the team and project, (1) select the product, (2) give it a code and name to be imported to Fusion Operations, and (3) click "Import".

4. Fill out the remaining relevant fields of the Production Order, and you’re good to go. We suggest you create operations for this product, so that you can start collecting data immediately.

Importing Bill of Materials from Fusion

It's possible to import of the BoM along with all its subcomponents. You can see it on the page for the product that was created, nested under the “Materials/SubProducts” tab. The import of BoMs with multiple levels is also supported, as you can see below.

Importing 3D files

In addition to the product and its BoM, it imports the product’s 3D file, visible under the “Files” tab.

Check here how to make the 3D visible on work instructions.

FAQ - Troubleshooting

If the error presented below is displayed, please make sure that:

1. The software that is being used is the Fusion desktop

2. The email used in Autodesk Fusion Operations is the exact same as the one used in Fusion

3. Try to sign out and sign in again from both accounts.

Do you need further help? Request a Fusion Operations expert to contact you here.

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