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Create your account and check the Fusion Operations Dashboards and Mobile Application

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Over the course of these videos we will take you through every aspect of the product, ensuring you have everything you need in place to allow you to capture and view your production and fabrication data within Fusion Operations, both for the management web interface and the mobile app.

The first few videos will be a Getting Started guide, with a brief overview of the product giving you enough information to get the basics set up, then the following videos will go into more depth on each area and workflow.

So let’s get started.

Creating an account

If you have not done so already, create an account for your Fusion Operations trial.
Do this by going to in a web browser, then selecting Create An Account. Once you have filled in your information and made an account, login to view the homepage.

First of all we will have a quick look at the layout of the management interface accessed in your web browser.
The management interface is where everything is set up for the product, so all operations, workers, machines etc., which will then be used for tracking work through the mobile app on the shop floor. These are all accessible by selecting each group from the Management drop-down list on the left-hand side menu. You can use the arrows to expand and collapse these groups to view or hide what is within them. We’ll have a look at each of these items in more detail later on.


Towards the top of this panel we also have the Dashboard, Analytics and Reports pages.

The Dashboard is the default homepage of the management interface, which can also be accessed by selecting the Fusion Operations icon at the top of the list. From these three pages you will be able to view data on your production once it has been captured through the mobile app, to check the status of your jobs and look at historical data of completed work.

For now these will be empty of any data because we have yet to capture any, again we’ll have a closer look at these pages later on, once we’ve set everything else up in order to get to that point.

Help and Information Functionalities

Along the top of the page there are a few more options. The first is Chat from which you can send direct messages to other people in your team through Fusion Operations, as well as creating channels to message groups of people. Click on the chat icon to open and close this feature.

The next icon along is the Smartphone simulator. Selecting this will raise a smartphone image, which will preview what will be viewed in the Fusion Operations mobile app, dependant on what you have created in the management interface. We’ll look at using the mobile app itself in more detail later on. Select the Power icon on the phone to close this preview.

Next we have the Bookmark option, which will allow you to define the landing page when coming to the management interface, if you want it to be a different page than the Dashboard.

Then we have the Help, with a number of interactive help options to guide you through how to set certain items up, which will be covered by these videos as well, and links to articles to also guide you through all aspects of the product. These articles are very useful resources to provide help in your own time outside of these videos.

Another very powerful tool for help can be found in the bottom-right of the screen, which is a chat function directly with our support team, who will be on hand to help you with any questions or issues. Simply enter a question into here and somebody will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Finally, up in the top-right of the screen you have your Profile options, where you can view your billing and integrations, profile information, and log out when you are finished with your session.

Download the mobile application

Now you’re familiar with the management interface layout, the final thing to do to get started is to install and setup the mobile app, to be used on devices and by workers on the shop floor. Simply search on your device’s app-store for Fusion Operations, and install this on all necessary devices which workers will be using to enter production data. We’ll cover in a later video how to give different people different levels of access to the system.

You’ve now got everything in place to start adding information and creating items in the management interface for Fusion Operations. In the next video we’ll cover which are the key pieces of information to create, and the order in which to do these.

Thanks for watching, see you in the next video.

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