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The Dashboard is where you will be able to have a “helicopter view” over your operations for the last 24 hours. Here you can have a global perspective about your plant’s activity.

The Dashboard gives you real-time information about the general status of your operations as well as the last things that took place, as soon as they happen.

The Dashboard is comprised of 3 parts:

1. Feeds – in the upper left corner of the Panel you can find a feed in which the last updates regarding activity pop up as soon as they happen.

2. Global OEE Indicators – at the right of the Feeds you can see you “Overall Equipment Effectiveness”, known in the jargon as “OEE”, updated in real time. It is a composite metric which quantifies how far a factory is from its optimal performance – the performance level for which it was designed to. The OEE is comprised of:

Productivity - The speed at which each work center works as a percentage of the optimal productivity for which it is designed to.

Availability - Represents the percentage of the scheduled time that the operation has to operate.

Quality - The good units produced as a percentage of the units produced (in all operations).

3. Status of the Latest Production Order - At the bottom of the Panel you can check the status of your last Production Order which were updated.

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