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Guide your workers through their production steps

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Create a Work Instruction

  • Access the page Work instruction towards the bottom of the side menu, and select +Add Work Instruction.

  • At the top of the Create Work Instruction form enter a unique code.

  • In the Cover section select the information items to be shown on the cover of the work instruction.

  • Then select +Add Step. In here is where you will define the details of each individual step. Fill in the 'Step Name' field, and write a 'Step Description' to explain what needs to be done to carry out this step of the job. You can also upload a file, which must be a picture file, to add further detail to the step.

Once you have filled in the information you can select +Add Step again to define the information for any following steps in the process, or 'Save' at the bottom of the page if's all step up.

Now you have a Work Instruction you can put it to use in your production data.

Assign Work Instructions to operations

Work Instructions are associated with operations, and whenever you create a new operation you will be able to assign Work Instructions to it. You can also edit existing Operations to associate Work Instructions to these.

  • Select Operations from the side menu. Here you can either create a new operation or edit an existing one, using the search bar in the top right to quickly find a specific operation if needed.

  • In the Create or Edit Operation forms, you will see the Work Instructions field in the Advanced Fields area, from which you can assign the Work Instructions. Make sure to 'Save' the operation to update.

Work instruction in Tablet

With the Work Instructions assigned, workers will be able to easily review these by selecting the Work Instructions button on their tablet or mobile device. This button is available from the main screen of the mobile app, scroll down the list to access it.

From here they will be able to search for a product and view all of the Work Instructions related to them. Additionally for an ongoing operation, a worker can specifically select that operation and view all work instructions related.

Add files to Products

It is also possible to attach other types of files to items to give workers more information. You are able to attach PDF, Text, or picture files to; Machines, Operations, Products and Production Orders.


  • To do this navigate to the relevant product and edit it. Select the Files tab, and upload your chosen file. Once uploaded 'Save' the item to assign the file.

  • If you want this file to be available to workers through the mobile app, it is important to enable this using the Smartphone icon seen when hovering over a file. Green indicates it will be available on the app.

  • For a worker to view the attached files they must start a production. After doing so, select the View Files button from the main page of the mobile app to display the linked files.

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