How to create skills

Learn how to create skills for your workers.

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Fusion Operations enables you to create and edit Skills on your end, so that you can decide which competences each worker has to specify which operations he has access to.

Take a look below at the steps needed to create your first Skill.

Note: If a worker does not have a skill assigned to him for a specific product or operation it will not appear in the tablet on the Insert Production option. For simpler scenarios, you may also consider using Sections to restrict access.

How to create a Skill

1. On the left-side bar, go to Workers -> select Skills.

2. Click “+ Add Skill”.

3. In the following screen, you can create your skill by searching by code among the options.

-Product families: select a whole family group of products by searching the Product Family Code.

-Products: select the product code within the family (that includes all the operations or not depending on the next filter - Operations).

-Operations: specify one or more operations of the product, or leave it blank to consider all operations. It is also possible to use the ‘search by code’ when is an operation is common to several products.

-Worker Groups: if this skill is for a specific group of workers or for all workers it can be selected here.

-Expiration: You also have the option to make these skills with expirations dates.

This means that when selected ‘Never expires’ the skill will not have to be acquired a second time. The options ‘Expires after’ or ‘Expires after unused for’ are related to a period of time in x months. When the expirations dates are reached the worker will need a new training session to gain this skill again.

-Workers: If there’s a worker that is not part of the workers group but needs to have access to the skill, select him in the option ‘Workers -> worker in the bottom.

Practical example of skills

Let’s consider for example a Skill for Cut Wood for a Closet. The setup will depend if the skill is specific for an operation of a certain product, or if it is generic and applicable for all products.

  • For the production of different Closets, all woods need to be cutted. Therefore, it makes sense to have a Skill for ‘Cut’ only for that type of operation (without specifying the product).

  • For a specific product such as a Children Wardrobe is important a Skill of Product+Operation.

4. Now just conclude by pressing Save Skill.

Congratulations! You have created your first skill! Now that you have already learned how to create a skill in Fusion Operations, it’s time to learn How to create Training Sessions and how to Manage Training Session.

If after reading this article you still have some doubts, feel free to reach out to us through our Live-chat feature, or directly to your CSM.

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