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How to use Sections

Sections help you compartmentalize your factory for better organization

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Sections represent a physical section in your factory. Sections are composed of workers and/or machines. Each section may have different operations that are only performed there.

How to use Sections

1. To create a Section in Autodesk Fusion Operations, go to Sections in the sidebar and click on +Add Section

2. Add a new one, giving it a name and Click "Save Section" if you're done or "Save and Add Another" if you want to add another Section.

3. To associate Workers with Sections, open the worker's page and set the Sections that they belong to.

4. To associate Machines with Sections, open the machine's page and set the Section that it belongs to.

5. To associate Operations with Sections, open the operation's page and set the Section that it belongs to.


When sections are used, they filter the information workers see on the tablet. For instance, if a worker belongs to a section, they will only be able to execute operations from that section (Note: operations that do not belong to any section, can be seen by everyone).

Also, they will only be able to select machines from his section.
If an operation belongs to a section, it can only be executed with machines from that section (Note: machines that do not belong to any section, can be seen by everyone in every operation).

In order to better organize your factory in Autodesk Fusion Operations, you can start using Sections right now! This will help you reduce the amount of information that appears in the tablet when workers login, thus, avoiding errors in the data collection.

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