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Why do I get "Error! Cannot change section"?
Why do I get "Error! Cannot change section"?
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When editing a machine you may come across the error below despite not changing/editing the section. This problem can be easily fixed. In the example below we will help you understanding why it occurs and how to correct it.

First of all this error is related to the sections of the operations associated to the machine. So imagine that the machine with the code 'Machine 1' is part of the section 'Section A':

But it's used in 3 different operations, from different products. They should all be part of the same section and Autodesk Fusion Operations will alert you if you do it in any other way.

So, you need to check and compare the section assigned to the machine and its corresponding operations.

To do that go to the Operations menu (1) and filter by the machine code (2), in our example: 'Machine 1' (2.1) and check the column Sections (3).

As you can see in the image above the section in the operations that use 'Machine 1' is not the same as the machine. That's why you are getting the error just by editing/saving the 'Machine 1' without any change.

To fix this, there are two solutions:

  1. Changing the section for all operations associated with machine "Machine 1", to make it consistent with the section on the machine (beware that changing the section will have major impacts on what workers see on the tablet ⚠️)

  2. Remove the section from the machine


1. The section of the machine and the operations are the same, why do I still get the error?

In that case the machine is probably assigned to a disabled operation. To confirm that go to the Operations menu and filter by the machine code, in our example above: 'Machine 1' (1), add a second filter 'Show disabled' - choose between "Show All" or "only disabled" (2) and check that new lines - that were previously hidden - have been added (3).

If you still have any doubts about this or you still cannot correct the error, you're welcome to use our live-chat feature and we will help!

Need help? Request a Fusion Operations expert to contact you here.

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