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Why can't I find this Production Order/Operation in my application?
Why can't I find this Production Order/Operation in my application?

Troubleshooting for operations or production orders you can't find in the mobile application.

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When using the mobile/tablet version of Autodesk Fusion Operations, there might be some production orders or operations that you expect to find but won't show on the tablet. When this is the case, there are a few reasons listed in this article.

1. Is the Production Order open and active?

You can see on the production orders screen if a Production Order is open and active. You can see if the order is open on the actions column (1), and see if it is active if the color on the left bar is green (2). Both conditions must be met for the order to show on the tablet.

2. Does the product on the production order has operations assigned to it?

Moreover, when you open the production order you may find the error message below, warning you that there are one or more raw materials. If this is the case, you should edit the product by adding the corresponding operations/process template.

3. Is the worker assigned to the Production Order?

The Production Order might be open and active, but if the worker searching for it on the mobile app is not assigned to it, the order won't be visible. Please ensure the worker is assigned to the order by opening the PO and checking the worker group/worker boxes in the Production Order.

Beware that, in worker groups field, you can assign the worker group "All". This allows you to easily assign all your workers to the order.

4. Does the worker belong to the operations' section?

If a worker belongs to a section, they will only be able to execute operations assigned to that section. You can find more information about sections in this article.

The workers' section can be found on the workers list.

Similarly, the operations' section can be found on the operations list.

5. Are the operations hidden because they've been already produced?

Depending on your account settings, some operations may be hidden from the tablet view. It's possible to hide completed operations by activating one of the account settings below.

6. Are the operations hidden because the previous operation hasn't been done?

Similar to 5., Autodesk Fusion Operations allows you to hide an operation until production has occurred or has been completed on the previous operation. The settings can be seen below.

7. Is the operation active on the production order?

If you have the feature that allows to select the operations to be produced, the operation may have not been chosen to be performed in the Production Order. You can check this by going to the Production Order and clicking on the operations field.

You can identify which operations are active on the tick boxes on the left.

8. Is the input device assigned to a section - other than the one assigned to the operation?

Tablets can be assigned to a section, which filters the set of operations displayed on it. In case the tablet being used belongs to a section (other than the one assigned to the operation) workers won't be able to see it.

You can see the input device associated to the tablet on the tablet main menu.

You can see what is the input device's section by editing the input device. You can check more details in this article.

The section must be the same as the one on the operations, or empty.

9. Does the worker have the skill needed to perform the operation?

Skills are an advanced feature that can only be activated by your account manager. In case they are active, workers need to have the skill to perform the operation. You can learn more about skills in this article.

If you're not sure if the skills feature is active, please reach out to us.

10. Does the worker belong to the site assigned to the production order?

In case your account has multiple sites, the workers need to belong to the site assigned to the production order. You can see the production order site by editing it.

Similarly, you can check the workers' site when editing the worker.

With these steps you should be able to troubleshoot why a production order/operation is not showing up in your app. If you still have any doubts about this process or you still cannot find what you're looking for, you're welcome to use our live-chat feature and we will help!

Need help? Request a Fusion Operations expert to contact you here.

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