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Quickly find out what's the machines status at your factory and much more

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In Autodesk Fusion Operations, knowing what machines are working, available, and stopped in real-time is only one tap away. This option can be seen on the back office, at this link, or on the tablet, as you can see at below in this article.

The options for each are different, as you can see below:


Back office


Check status



Check PO progress



Edit Machine



Insert Production



Insert Downtime



Request Maintenance



Consult data



To take full advantage of the tablet button, follow the steps below:

1. Click Machine Status

Tap on the Machine Status button (so far, you don't need to enter your worker number).

2. List of Machines

The next screen will present all the available machines. As you can see, three different statuses may occur:

  • If machines are currently available, they will be displayed in blue (3.1);

  • If machines are stopped, they will be shown in red. The downtime reason code is available below the machine's name (3.2);

  • If machines are working, the green color will be displayed. Below the machine's name, you can also find the corresponding production order, the operation's name, and how many units are still left to be made (3.3).

3.1 Select an available machine

If you tap on an available machine, you can either tap on Insert Downtime to start a downtime, or tap on Request Maintenance, to ask for maintenance for this machine.

  • If you tap on Insert Downtime, you just need to enter your worker number and select the downtime type.

  • If you tap on Request Maintenance, you need to insert your worker number, provide an explanation about your request, and select a priority (either none, low, medium, or high). This request will be afterwards available in the back-office, and can either be approved or rejected.

3.2 Select a Stopped Machine

If you tap on a currently stopped machine, the screen displayed will be similar to the one from step (3.1). Here, you can either also:

  • tap on Insert Downtime to end the associated downtime

  • tap on Request Maintenance to ask maintenance for this machine.

3.3 Select a Working Machine

If you tap on a machine currently working, you'll be able to see many information about the operation taking place. Here, you can either:

  • Insert Production, and introduce data about how many units were done in this operation;

  • Insert Downtime - see above;

  • Request Maintenance - see above;

  • Consult data - you'll be able to see information about the checklists associated with this production order. If you tap here, you'll see something similar to the image below.

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