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How to Import Several Machines
How to Import Several Machines

Check how to import several machines in the system.

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You can check how to manually create machines in this article, where you can also understand how machines can help you get more robust data from your shopfloor.

To import several machines in the system, follow these steps:

1. Go to Machines and Press the "Import Machines" button.

2. Download a template file

3. Fill out the machine import template

The template will have 13 columns, but only the first 2 are mandatory, below is an explanation of all possible fields:

  • Machine Code (Column A)- Code to identify this machine in the system.

  • Machine Name (B) - Name of the machine.

  • Options (C) - You can define the machine settings with the import. Check the Machines article to know what these options do.

    • au=Automatic,

    • cc=Production can not be closed by other workers,

    • pp=Parallel production,

    • tc=Total cycles input,

    • u=Use machine counter as quantity measure.

  • Reason Codes (D) - Downtime reason codes for this machine.

  • Shift (E) - Shift for this machine.

  • Components (F) - Components of the machine.

  • Section (G) - Section where this machine operates.

  • Parameters (H) - Parameters for this machine.

  • Cost/hour (I) - Hourly cost to operate this machine.

  • Spare parts (J) - Spare parts used for maintenance of this machine.

  • Vendor (K) - Vendor of the machine.

  • Model (L) - Model of the machine.

  • Notes (M) - Notes you want to have on this machine's page.

4. Uploading your file.

After the file is completed, go back to the Import page, choose file (1) and click Start to Send (2).

Take a look at the result to spot errors on the import. You can rework your Excel and try again, or ignore the error lines (on the column at the right). When you’re sure about the data entered, tap “Confirm”.

If you have any other question, reach out to your CSM or directly though our live chat feature.

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