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Workers on the shop floor can insert downtimes by tapping on the "Insert Downtime" button.

If you would like to first know how to create a downtime reason code, take a look at this article. If you want to insert downtimes in the back office, follow this article.

Downtimes take place when a machine or a worker is not producing any products. This is an important KPI, that affects your OEE and must be regularly analyzed.

How to insert a Downtime

To Insert a Downtime, follow these steps:

1. Open the tablet and click on Insert Downtime button.

2. Insert your worker number

3. Important: If the Downtime you want to insert is not associated to a machine but to a worker, click on the first option, "No Machine".
If there is a machine associated, click on the machine you want to associate the downtime.

4. Select the Downtime

5. The Downtime record will start. Now, you can either repeat this procedure to add another downtime, or you can end this downtime record.

6. To add a new Downtime please tap Insert Downtime, enter your worker number and repeat the previous steps.

How to end a Downtime

If you want to end a previously inserted downtime, you can also easily do it. You just need to:

1. Tap Insert Downtime and insert your worker number.

2. Tap on the machine you want to end the downtime. In this case, it is machine M1 (if a downtime is active, the corresponding machines will be highlighted in red), and that's it!

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