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Set the tablet to be used for a single Worker

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Whenever a worker wants to perform any action in the tablet, the first screen they are prompted to is the ID screen, so they can perform the login.

This works very well in situations where you have a device that is shared by multiple workers. However, sometimes you actually have a device that is used by the same worker during a longer period of time (eg.: from an entire shift to several days).

In situations like these we suggest you to start using the Worker Screen.

This button will allow the worker to Login once and, after that, they will be automatically identified whenever they start an action on Autodesk Fusion Operations, and thus skipping the ID Login screen.

After you add the Worker screen button you will be able to see it like this in our Autodesk Fusion Operations App:

Clicking on the button, will prompt the worker to login and they will be back to the main screen after that.

The worker is now logged on permanently. After this, every time they select an action, there won't be a need to login again.

The Worker Screen

The worker is now logged on the Worker Screen and can see a status bar with the following information:

Information on the left (Daily status) - displays info about the worker logged in:

  1. Worker name;

  2. Sections that the worker belongs to;

  3. Punch clock & Work time. The punch entry time will be displayed. If there's no punch clock, the shift starting time will be shown. The work time is the sum of the production records time over the last 24 hours;

  4. Downtime & calendar. These refer to downtime types over the last 24 hours;

  5. Productivity. Is considers the productivity of the worker's records over the last 24 hours;

  6. Qty (OK / NOK). These numbers refer to the quantity recorded over the last 24 hours. The first number indicates is the production of units with no wastes, and the second refers to production of waste.

Information on the center (Production order code) - displays info about the production order in which the worker is logged in.

  1. Production Order being worked;

  2. Product being made;

  3. Operation being performed;

  4. Cycle time & Work time. Cycle time refers to the time needed to perform one one unit. Work time indicates for how long the worker is logged in the current job

  5. Productivity. Considers the productivity of the production order so far;

  6. Ordered/Completed/Worked. Indicates the quantity ordered, made (by all workers) and made (by the worker logged in);

  7. lot/batch Number. Refers to the batch number associated to the production order.

Information below - here you have quick access buttons, namely:

  1. View files

  2. Work instructions

  3. History (of the worker productions)

  4. View BoM (you can see the bill of materials for the current production)

  5. Insert Downtime

  6. Insert Production

Log out the Worker Screen

Finally, whenever the Worker wants to logout they just need to click on the exiting arrow, at the top right corner of the screen.

Hope that was helpful :)

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