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Machine components is a feature that allows to map different scenarios, such as the production of molded products. With this feature, you can produce different products simultaneously on the same machine while specifying in which machine component the production took place.

You may consider as well starting several production records at the same time by using the multi operations feature, described in this article.

How to set machine components?

1. Open the components menu, nested under Machines.

2. Click on "+Add component".

3. Fill the component code and name.

4. Select the products that are produced by the component, and the units produced. In the example below, it is being specified that in each component cycle, 12 units for product PLST-8532 and 8 units for product PLST-8301 are produced.

5. Save the component.

6. Go to the machines list and select the set of machines that contain this component.

7. Associate the components to the corresponding machines. The field is available under the "Advanced Fields".

8. Ensure that the machines are linked to the corresponding operations.

How to insert production with components?

The insert production flow has three major differences when compared to default flow:

  • Machine and machine components are asked during production check-in;

  • Workers can add more products to production, by selecting other products produced by the selected component

  • Produced quantities are multiplied by the quantities introduced on the machine component. So it is possible for workers to insert quantity = 1 and to get production quantity = 8 and 12, in case you specify that 8 and 12 units are made in each cycle.

In the management interface, two records were created - these share the same start and end time. Despite having a quantity inserted of 1 on the tablet, the records have produced quantities of 8 and 12.

You can also create maintenance orders for machine components. Check this article for additional details.

If after reading this article you still have some doubts, feel free to reach out to us through our Live-chat feature, or directly to your CSM.

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