Equipment Maintenance

Keep your equipment in optimal condition while collecting maintenance data

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Fusion Operations can be used to schedule and record the maintenance of your equipment. This is useful when equipment will be out of production, to help with planning of workload across your shopfloor.

How to create a maintenance order

To define the maintenance work to be completed, you will need to create a Maintenance Order in the management interface. To do this follow these steps:

1. Select Maintenance from the bottom of the side menu.

2. Click Add Maintenance Order.

3. Select on the form the following fields:

i. Machine (and, if applicable, the Component) the maintenance order is for.

ii. Code and Due Date

iii. Priority level, and the Assigned Workers

iv. Performed By External Entity checkbox, if the maintenance will not be completed by your own workers.

The other fields are optional, but it is also important to ensure that the Type is set correctly, as either Corrective, if the work is being completed due to an issue with the equipment, or Preventive if this is planned regular maintenance.

4. Once you have completed the information select Save Maintenance Order.

How to navigate on the maintenance orders menu

In the Maintenance Orders page you will then be able to see the list of these. You can navigate through this list by selecting Open, Closed, Archived, or Pending Requests. From the Actions column on the right-hand side you are able to; close the order if you no longer need it, mark it as completed, archive or delete it.

How to set recurring maintenance orders

As well as creating Maintenance Orders as a one-off event you can also create recurring Maintenance Orders. To do this you will first need an existing Maintenance Order which will be used as the template, from which all the information will be replicated. This template order must be set to a Preventive type.

To then set the recurring order you must:

1. Go to Maintenance from the side menu, then Recurring Orders

2. Click Add Recurring Order.

3. You must fill some additional information:

i. Code

ii. Start date you want the recurrency to begin.

iii. Stop Recurrency On is not required, but can be used to define an end date.

iv. Frequency of the recurrence is required, and is defined as a number of days, weeks or months.

v. The final field to set, which is required, is the Maintenance Order which will be used as the template.

4. Select Save Recurring Order once you have completed the information.

You will then be able to view a list of these on the Recurring Orders page.

How to add spare parts

As part of your maintenance work completed there may be parts replaced or materials which are consumed in the process. These can be assigned on either a Machine or Maintenance Order level.

Adding spare parts to machines

Follow the steps below to assign spare parts parts to machines.

1. Open the machine you add to associate spare parts with.

2. Go to the Spare Parts/ Materials tab.

3. In here you can add in the spare parts or materials which will be consumed, which must be created as Products first.

Adding spare parts to maintenance orders - management interface

Follow the steps below to assign spare parts parts to maintenance order.

1. Open the maintenance order you add to associate spare parts with and open below the tab "Materials/spare parts used".

2. Associate the products by tapping + Add consumption.

Adding spare parts to maintenance orders - tablet interface

With Maintenance Orders created these will be available through the mobile app. In here:

1. Select the Maintenance Orders button and enters the worker ID.

2. Select the Maintenance Orders that will be performed.

3. Tap Start Working and the time will start counting

4. On the maintenance order screen, tap add Consumption, which will show the list of spare parts and materials previously specified.

Once the work is completed they can then select to Finish the Maintenance Order.

Getting Reports

Following this, back in the management interface you will be able to view information on the spare parts consumed from the Inventory Movements page.

You can create Maintenance Orders reports from the Reports page for a full view of all this work completed.

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