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For a user to access to the Fusion Operations system they first need to be created within it. Users include the Workers, who will be inputting production data via the mobile app on the shop floor, and users of the management interface. Each type of user should be assigned a particular access level depending on the actions which they will be carrying out.

Create new user

  • Access the Users page from the side menu and select +Add User. In the Create User form fill in their information, required is their Full Name and Email address which will be used to log into Fusion Operations. You can also set a password for the user at this point or leave this blank so they can set their own password later.

If multiple workers will be using the same device to input production through the mobile app, it is common practice to create a shared account for these all to use, with the same email and password which will be used to login once. In this case, they will use their Worker ID when it comes to inputting anything through the app, to track who has carried out what work.

If workers will be using individual devices its best to create them as separate users.

  • In the Create User form you can also select the Role. In this list there are a number of options, each type will grant the user with a different level of access to the system.

Tablet is used as the default shop floor user, with access to all mobile app buttons, but no access to the management interface, so should be used for most shop floor workers. (Note: the process of setting up tablets has been changed, and "tablet users" have been moved to the "Devices" menu. To learn more, please follow this article)

Admin gives the user full access to all basic and advanced features, and are the only type of user who can create new users, therefore if you are watching this you are most likely an admin.

For a full description of all the role types please check this article.

  • You can also set the user's language and time zone, which you can select from the map or the drop down list, and enter your own custom job role.

If creating a user with a tablet role, you also have the option to 'Add tablet buttons' to control which buttons they will view on the mobile app. Simply select these from the list to add and used across to remove any. Once you have filled in all of the information select 'Save User' at the bottom.

(Note: the tablet role is now visible under "Devices", and to change the set of buttons you must change the device setup. To learn more, please check this article.)

If you need to edit the details or access rights for any user, you can edit these from the user's page.

Invite new user

An alternative method for onboarding users is with the invite feature from the user's page.

  • Select 'Invite' and you can invite users by entering only their name and their email address.Either assigning them to a default role or selecting add to enter a custom roll.

Using this method allows you to invite several users at once and leaves the completion of the other fields to them.

Create Alerts

One advanced feature you can create for users is setting up Alerts. These are notifications to many types of events in Fusion Operations which can be sent to certain users.

  • To add a new Alert select Users from the side menu and then Alerts. In here select +Add Alert.

  • Choose the notification type from the list, when you select one a short description will appear below, and enter the users to be alerted. Then press 'Save Alert'.

When this event occurs all users listed will receive an email notifying them.

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