Wastes and Waste Categories

Learn how to setup waste codes and categories and how to record them.

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When producing there is the possibility of generating wastes (products with flaws). Autodesk Fusion Operations allows you to define these wastes and record them, to perform analysis according to the workers input via tablet.

This way along with ‘Quality Analytics’ you will be able to quickly identify processes that generate an abnormal level of waste and correct them to boost your efficiency.

Creating a waste code in Autodesk Fusion Operations

1. To create a waste code in Autodesk Fusion Operations you can go to ‘Quality’ > ‘Wastes’.

Under ‘Wastes’, you'll be able to select ‘Add Waste’ on the top right corner.

2.When creating an identifiable waste type, you need first to define a Code and a Description for the problems that a product might have - these fields are required when creating a waste.

You can also assign it a 'Flaw' and a ‘Waste Category’ (Waste categories will be explained further down the article).

After that you can customize the waste-type with different options that allow you to model/monitor different waste behaviors in the system:

- Recoverable: Recoverable waste are faulty products that can be reworked into a finished good by being processed again. It will not count for production completion and it will increase the total quantity to produce in the operations previous to the waste is recorded. We also suggest you take a look into the "Rework Best Practices" article here.

- Billable: Billable wastes are wastes that despite being identified can still follow the production process and still be sold (as a regular product).

- Out of flow: Out of flow wastes are wastes that count for production completion, but will not generate finished product. The quantity of out of flow waste will be deducted to the missing quantity on the production order.

- Can send to Client: This option can only be selected if both “Out of Flow” and “Generate Inventory” are selected, or if "Billable" is. This will allow you to send the wastes to clients in Sales Orders.

- Generate Inventory: This option can only be selected if “Out of Flow” is also selected. This option makes your out of flow wastes generate inventory as finished products.

Being able to record wastes when producing

To be able to select to input the ‘Wastes’ you create when producing you will then have to add your waste codes to the operations in which they can potentially be generated.

To do this you can edit the operation and add the waste code in the Waste field.

You can also add a waste code to several operations in bulk by going to the ‘Operations dashboard’, filtering by the operations you want to add the waste to, selecting them, and pressing the ‘Waste button’ on top. We have an article on that here.

After doing this, when checking ‘out of production’ for an operation with an associated waste code, you will be prompted to log a waste type and quantity. If you produced any, you can log them here.

Waste Categories

For the purpose of ‘Quality Analysis’, you might want to group several wastes into a single category (Human error, Machine Malfunction for example).

This will allow you to check which of these categories generates more wastes and modify or optimize your processes accordingly.

To create a Waste Category go to ‘Quality’ > ‘Waste Category’ > ‘+ Add Waste Category’.

All you need to do is give this Category a ‘Code’ and ‘Name’, and after this you can go to each ‘Waste Code’ and add them to a Category.

As usual, if you have any doubt about this features, talk with us through our Live-Chat feature or directly with your CSM!

Need help? Request a Fusion Operations expert to contact you here.

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