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Setting up your homepage in Autodesk Fusion Operations
Setting up your homepage in Autodesk Fusion Operations

Customize what you want to see when you log in Autodesk Fusion Operations

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No matter how many operations are running in your factory, you can define what information you will see when starting a session. Also, defining a homepage will improve back-office usability by defining a page you can quickly go to, simply by clicking on the top left corner of the screen. You just need to follow the 3 steps below:

1. Open the page you want to define as home screen. The default option is the dashboard, where you can take a look at the main indicators of performance and other relevant information. However, you can set this to any page you want.

2. Among the several pages available, let's assume you extract reports many times during the day and you want to set it as homepage. You just need to click on Reports on the left (highlighted in green) and afterwards click on the Page Menu icon on the top right of the screen (highlighted in red).

3. A dropdown menu will be displayed. Please click Set as homepage (highlighted in red) and this page will become your homepage whenever you log into Autodesk Fusion Operations. Also, you will be redirected to this page every time you click Fusion Operations, highlighted in green at the top left of the screen.

If you want to change your homepage again, you can do it. Just go to the page you want to set as homepage and repeat the previous steps!

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