How to create a client?

A Client is an entity that orders the products your factory produces.

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In Autodesk Fusion Operations, to create a new Client you have to:

1) From the Main panel, access the Clients panel by click on "Client Orders" in the sidebar and then "Clients". Click on “+Add Client”.

2) Fill the following fields:

"Code": Number that identifies the client.
"Name" : Name and surname of the client
"VAT Number": VAT identification number of the client.
"Address": Address of the person or business.
"Phone Number": Phone number of the person or business.
"Email": E-mail of the person or business.

3) Click “Save Client” to finish this task; "Save and Continue Editing" to Save this client but continue to edit his profile or "Save and Add Another" to Create a new Client.

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