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Learn how to use the ‘Shift Change’ tablet button with this quick guide.

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In factories with multiple shifts, typically when workers end their shift, new workers need to resume their work.

The 'Shift Change' button facilitates a smoother worker transition, reducing the likelihood of mistakes and errors during the process. All records associated with the first-shift worker will be closed, and new records with identical information (e.g., production order, product, operation, and machine) will be opened for the second-shift worker assigned to that station. The closed records will have the quantity produced equal to zero and no checklist nor parameters filled out.

If you want to know more about how to handle shifts in fusion operations and associate them to your workers, you can consult this article.

Step by Step Usage Instructions:

1. On the tablet’s main screen, click ‘Shift Changes’

2. Insert the number of the second-shift worker

3. Select the machine(s) in which the second-shift worker will start working and replace the first-shift worker.

Example :

  • Worker 4 is working in the first shift and has 2 open production records in machine 1 and 1 open production in machine 5.

  • Worker 5 replaces worker 4 in both machines:

  • The three production records are ended for worker 4 and three new ones are opened for worker 5. Note that, as mentioned before, the quantity produced for the first-shift worker is zero. Check images below:

If you are still not sure about how the ‘Shift Change’ button works, don’t hesitate to contact us through our Live-Chat feature or directly to your account manager.

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