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Creating and using Process Templates
Creating and using Process Templates

Set reusable process templates.

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Autodesk Fusion Operations allows you to set process templates that you can assign to new products upon Product or Production Order creation.

Process Templates are pre-set operation flows that you can easily create.

How to create process templates?

There are two ways of creating process templates, from scratch or from an already existent product workflow.

Create template - from scratch

1. Go to “Operations”

2. Press “Process Templates”

3. Press “+Add Process Template”

4. Assign a code to identify your Process Template and Save the Template

After the Template is created you can add the operations for this workflow like you would do normal operations on a Product, check our article on How to Create an Operation for more information.

Create template - from scratch already existent product workflow

1. Go to “Products”

2. Edit the product you want to create the process template from.

3. On the bottom press button “More actions”(3.1) and select 'Create Process Template from workflow' (3.2).

4. A pop-up will appear (check image below) for you to add a code to identify your Process Template and if you want more details you can also add name and assign it to a Process template family. Press 'Confirm' and it's created.

How to assign new templates?

After creating one or more process templates, you can start assigning them to new products.

There are also two ways of doing this, when creating a Product or when creating a Production Order for a product that still has no operations assigned to it.

Assign template - When you create a new Product

When creating a new Product you can choose the “Associate Process Template” option to assign an existing Process Template to it automatically.

When choosing this option you will be prompted to select from your existing Process Templates, just choose the one you need and it will be assigned to the Product.

Assign templates - When creating a Production Order

When creating a Production Order for a Product that has no operations assigned, you will also have the option to “Associate Process Template”, then you can choose from existing Templates and assign it to the Product.

This will help create Production Orders on a fly and immediately start collecting shop floor data.

Like before, a window will be displayed to choose one of the existing process templates.


1. What is the best way to associate a process template to a product with existing operations?

Process templates can only be assigned to products with no operations. In case the operations have no data associated to them, you should consider deleting the operations and perform the association. If the operations have data assigned to them, such as production records, you must add the operations you need manually or via Excel upload.

If after reading this article you still have some doubts, feel free to reach out to us through our Live-chat feature, or directly to your CSM.

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