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Material Staging in the Mobile Application
Material Staging in the Mobile Application

Learn how to perform Material Staging in the Mobile application.

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Note: This article pertains only to the Material Staging in the mobile application, to learn how Material Staging works in the back office view check our article on it here.

When staging an order from the mobile application there are two important things to keep in mind:

1. All Open Production Orders will show up, this includes inactive open orders (orders that are open but do not show up in “Insert Production”), staging material for them will activate them.

Inactive Orders will show up with a grey overlay, indicating that they are inactive.

2. You can see the percentage of material that has been staged already for that order.

To illustrate this you can check the example below where we will have 3 Production Orders, two open and active (but one of them has had 50% of the material needed already staged) and one open and inactive order.

Back Office view :

Mobile Application view:

Here you can choose which order you want to stage for, choose the raw materials and locations you are staging from and confirm the movement.

It is also possible to activate production orders on the tablet by staging a part of their materials. Therefore, by doing this, the order will be active and available for operators in the ‘Insert Production’ menu.

​​If you need any help or clarification regarding 'Material Staging' in the mobile application, feel free to reach out to us through our Live Chat feature or directly through your CSM!

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