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Punch Clock in the Mobile Application

Check how the punch clock is available for your workers

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The punch clock is a useful tool within Autodesk Fusion Operations, that allows workers to register the moment they enter or exit the shop floor out of their shift's regular hours.

There are 3 ways of allowing your workers to register their entrance/exit in the tablet with punch clock. In this article we’ll explore them all and you can decide the option that works best for you.

Note: Speak to your account manager or our Support team to change the worker’s Punch Clock options

1 - If your punch clock records are currently combined with the workers shift.

In this mode, the system asks if the worker is punching IN or OUT, so that it finds the closest shift end time and extends/shrinks the shift.

2 - If your punch clock records aren't currently combined with the workers shift.

In this mode, the system assumes if the punch clock is IN or OUT. Nevertheless, there are two alternatives:

2.1 - Not asking for IN/OUT.

This option skips the question if the worker is punching in or out. Therefore, after entering the worker number, the system goes back to the previous screen.

2.2 - Asking for in/out but blocking one of the alternatives.

This option asks the worker if he/she is punching in or out. Nevertheless, one of the options is greyed out since the system already assumed one of the options, depending on the last interaction made.

In the example below, the last punch made was out, so it means that now the worker will be punching ing.

For more detailed information on Punch clock modes take a closer look at it in this article.

Reach out to our live chat or to your account manager in case you need help to set up your Punch Clock options. Need help? Request a Fusion Operations expert to contact you here.

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