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How to import multiple Suppliers
How to import multiple Suppliers

Learn how to import Suppliers in Bulk

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Now that you know how to create ‘Suppliers’ in Autodesk Fusion Operations, you might want to add all your suppliers in bulk to save time. To do this you can use our Excel/.csv importer, in this article we will show you how to do this.

To do this, make sure to download the template we provide so you know how to fill information in.

1. On the left menu, click in ‘Purchase Orders’ and then ‘Suppliers’

2. Click in 'Import' and select ‘Import Suppliers’

3. Download the template file and fill out the columns accordingly.

Only the Supplier Code and Name are mandatory fields and here you can get an explanation on all fields that you can add :

  • Supplier Code (Column A): Unique identifier for this supplier.

  • Supplier Name (B): Name for this Supplier.

  • Vat Number (C): Vat Number for the Supplier.

  • Address Code (D): Unique Code to the Supplier's Address.

  • Address Name (E): Unique Name to the Supplier's Address.

  • Address (F): Supplier's Address.

  • City (G) : City where the address is located.

  • Postal Code (H) : Postal Code for the Supplier Address.

  • State (I) : State where the address is located.

  • Country (J) : Country where the address is located.

  • Is Default Address (K) : You can add a Yes or No to make this address the default address for this supplier .

  • Contact Name (L) : Name for a contact you can associate with this Supplier.

  • Contact Phone (M) : Phone number for the contact.

  • Contact Email (N) : Email address for the contact.

  • Is Default Contact (O): Can be answered with a Yes or No to make this the default contact for this Supplier.

    You can add multiple addresses and contacts for a Supplier, to do this repeat the Supplier Code in the import and fill the remaining fills accordingly.

4. Chosse or drop the files to upload/import and click in ‘Start to send’.

5. Read carefully the warnings that may appear:

- Red warnings - the system will not import the line with the warning, because something is wrong and a workaround cannot be applied. Nevertheless, you can ignore a line and import the rest of the file, by clicking ‘Ignore line’.

6. Click on the ‘Confirm’ button and your ‘Suppliers’ have been uploaded!

If you still have some doubts about the ‘Supplier Importer’, feel free to reach out in our live-chat feature or directly to your CSM.

Need help? Request a Fusion Operations expert to contact you here.

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