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How to generate barcode labels in Autodesk Fusion Operations
How to generate barcode labels in Autodesk Fusion Operations
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Barcodes labels in Autodesk Fusion Operations can printed in:

Insert production - Operation:

In each operation you can enable barcode printing. When a production is finished, the worker will have the option of printing a label designed according to you needs under Operations -> Labels. To know more check this article.

Production orders listing:

When you enter in the production order list (here) and select at least one production order a list of bulk actions will appear:

If you press Print Label, you're able to select a previously designed label that you want to print.

Inventory movements:

It's also possible to print barcodes when doing inventory movements. The option to print is presented in the mobile app when using the buttons 'Inventory move', 'Inventory In and Out' and 'Receiving'.

The option confirm and Print Barcode is added in the final screen.

Reprinting Labels:

To reprint a label that you have printed before you have two options, one in the tablet and one in the backoffice.

To reprint a label in the mobile app:

Go to the "Worker Screen" and press "History".

Here you'll have your list of your past productions, you will see a barcode icon for productions that had a barcode label printing option, and you can press it to reprint the label.

To reprint a label in the backoffice:

Go to "Production Records", find the record which you want to print a label for and press "Edit".

Scroll down until the bottom of the page, select the label to print and press print label.

Note: If you change any information in the production record, you will need to save it before reprinting to have these changes reflected in the label.

Reprinting labels for inventory movements

To reprint a label for an inventory movement, go to Inventory > Inventory Movements, filter for the movement you want and press Edit.
In the Inventory movement edit menu you can find the "Print Label" button to print the label again.

If you can't see these options please reach out to you account manager or to us via Chat in order to configure it.

Need help? Request a Fusion Operations expert to contact you here.

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