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Material Requests in the back office
Material Requests in the back office
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On this article we will cover how you can create, deliver, manager and delete material requests for your production and between your multiple warehouses.

How to Create a Material Request?

1. Go to Inventory(1) > Material Requests (2) and press '+Add Material Request'(3)

2. You will be prompted to the materials request creation page as presented in the image below, where you'll be able to create and specify the request.

3. To fill the information needed in the picture above you'll need to provide a code for the Material Request, and you must also assign it to a worker in order to log the person who requested the material. Both Requested and Due dates will be filled automatically but you can edit that timestamp if you want.

After that you can select the Products, and the quantities, that you want to request.

4. When you finalize your request you can 'Save the Material Request', 'Save and Continue Editing' or 'Save and add Another'.

How to Deliver a Material Request?

1. Go to Inventory > Material Requests and edit the material request you want to deliver by pressing the code.

2. After you open the request you should now see a button called: 'Deliver Material', check the image below.

3. Click on the Button 'Deliver material' and you will prompt with a screen to select which Materials you want deliver. Here you can select, with the checkbox on the left (1) which materials you are delivering, their quantity, location and lot.

On the right you have some additional information on how much materials are still left to be delivered, and how much stock you have your inventory (2).

4. After confirming the delivery you should see the following confirmation screen.

How to keep track and manage your Material Requests?

After the Materials are delivered you can keep track of the progress of the delivery back on the main screen.

How to change their states and bulk edit them?

When a Material Request is fulfilled it stops showing up on your tablet, but you can also change its state in the back office.

By default, Material Requests have 3 different states: Open - default state (shows up on the tablet if not completed), Closed or Archived, you can use the buttons to filter Material Requests by state.

You can also change their state in bulk in this menu, by pressing one of them you open up the option of bulk editing (check image below). You can select one, multiple or all and press the buttons under 'Bulk edit' to change their state accordingly.

You can also perform these actions individually in the action buttons on the right side column of the list. Here, it's also possible to delete the material request.

If you need any help or clarification regarding 'Material Requests', feel free to reach out to us through our Live Chat feature or directly through your CSM!

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